Telehealth Service Delivery

What is Telehealth?

The use of digital and communication technologies, such as computers, tablets and mobile devices, to allow for the provision of behavioral health services remotely. These technologies may be used directly from your home or alternate environment of choice to enhance service with our clinical team.

We are constantly working on making our services more accessible especially where behavioural services are limited but in which access to technology enables clinical engagement through the use of virtual communication technologies.

One of the historic barriers to the implementation of empirically supported interventions (for both parents and children) is the lack of trained specialists— especially in rural and underserved areas (World Health Organization 2007).

By increasing access to the telehealth delivery of our products and services, persons requiring evidence-based behavioural intervention and/or training and support for the delivery of such intervention may avail of the majority of our services regardless of geographic limitations.

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