Service Overview

We support families by offering services pre-and post-diagnosis. While a diagnosis can be informative, we recognize that clients and families require support regardless of where they are in their diagnostic journey.

Treatment Models

1) Parent Training/Coaching

We collaborate with parents and caregivers by providing education and resources to empower the parent/caregiver as the agent of change and main advocate for their child.

The Research Units in Behavioral Intervention (RUBI) parent training program is an evidence-based treatment designed to decrease challenging behaviors in children. RUBI is a “parent-mediated intervention”, meaning we teach caregivers skills to use with their child throughout the day to reduce problem behaviors.

This program is for parents and caregivers who have a child between the ages of 3 and 11 who exhibit problem behaviors such as: aggression (hitting, kicking, biting), tantrums, meltdowns, screaming, noncompliance, whining and other behaviors that interfere with daily life.

The program can be delivered effectively both in person, or through telehealth.

2) Consultative Outreach

Consultation and outreach services work with families/caregivers as well as agencies in providing professional development trainings and consultation in the application of behavior analytic principles and procedures.

1) Training and/or follow up is individualized to meet specific needs of and may include topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Managing Challenging Behaviour
  • Introduction to Verbal Behaviour
  • Functional Living Skills
  • Supporting Individuals with Dementia
  • Customized Workshops with Hands on Training

2) Quick Start Services consist of a customized package for families looking to begin traditional ABA therapy while waiting for diagnosis or specialized services. We tailor individualized packages around the following components

  • Comprehensive Skills Based Assessment
  • Functional Based Assessment
  • Program Development/ Effective Teaching Procedures.
  • Caregiver/Therapist Training
  • Ongoing Supervision

For families that do not reside in the St. John’s area, please feel free to discuss travel arrangements as outreach can be provided for in person assessment with the ability to offer live follow up sessions online. 

3) Individual Learner Assessments

Individual learner assessments provide families, caregivers and other professionals with an assessment of the learner’s strengths and areas of need based upon direct observation and interaction with the learner.

Assessments can include a full range of skill domains depending on the need/requirement of the learner. Our clinicians are trained to implement assessments in the following domains:

  • Comprehensive Skill Based Assessment
  • Adaptive Functioning
  • Functional Behaviour Assessment
  • Social Skills and Interaction
  • Functional Living and Self-Help

Clients availing of this option will avail of assessments conducted by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)in addition to a Behavioural Support Plan with recommendations.

Please note we offer a complimentary meeting to determine if your need for treatment is in line with our scope of practice.

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